Video & Sound

Creative ideas and technical skills are stressed in Video and Sound classes.

There are two levels of video courses within the DMD program. Each course builds upon the knowledge and skills of the previous course, the first course being DMD 179. DMD 279 is an advanced video course in which students will learn the latest industry standard software Apple Final Cut Pro®, and use professional video equipment.

The digital Audio course ( DMD 115) is a studio course. In this course students will investigate and develop soundtracks for film, and multimedia. Students will develop soundtracks using digitized sounds, traditional Foley effects, and dubbed effects, with the primary emphasis on the creation of a video and multimedia soundtrack. The use of professional sound and editing techniques will be emphasized.

The following Video and Sound classes are currently within the DMD curriculum

  • DMD 179 Beginning Video

    Digital technology has revolutionized many industries and film-making has gone through quite a transformation. Although most features are still shot on film, the independent producer can reap the benefits of innovative imagery and sound at lower cost by editing on a digital format. This class will introduce the practical side of video production and DV (digital video) editing. The class will provide hands-on instruction to the integral processes of movie-making technology. We will include an overview of planning, shooting,and editing. Our goal will be for students to create 2 short movies.

  • DMD 279 Advanced Video

    This studio course develops an understanding of skills in video production at an intermediate level. This course builds upon the basic skills developed in DMD 179 and explores more advanced concepts using Final cut Pro, and professional video equipment Beyond the technical aspects of the course, conceptual ideas and design will be stressed.

  • DMD 115 Digital Audio

    Students will learn the audio production process through in class exercises, readings, discussions, lectures, and projects. You will be exposed to recording, editing, mixing, sound design techniques and concepts as they apply to post production and media design. Sound theories and techniques learned in the class provide a broad foundation allowing you to pursue your specific creative goals in sound, from post-production for video, to multimedia projects, and commercial applications. Additionally the basic concepts for ProTools covered in this class apply to most if not all Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) formats on the market today. Students leave the class with a strong basic skills in ProTools.

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