About The Program

We offer an integrated approach to mastering both design and development skills.

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The Digital Multimedia Program (DMD) at Harold Washington College was created in 1999. Although innovative for its time, exponential changes in digital design and development within the past few years necessitated a complete review of degree and certificate requirements, course prerequisites, and course content within the DMD Program. Effective Fall 2013 these changes will be in effect.

Degree seeking students learn the basics in 2D design and design theory as a part of their coursework. DMD 130 Principles of Design and Development for digital media is a new class that is now a prerequisite for DMD 131 Beginning Multimedia Design & Development. Aesthetic and development skills are an important aspects of successful multimedia development and these skills are stressed throughout the program.

Beyond being creative, students interested in the field of digital multimedia design should be aware that the nature of the industry requires that they continue to upgrade their skills after graduation. Don't stop learning: How good are you with CSS? programming languages? Dreamweaver?  XHTML? The job market is competitive and the more you know the better.

The following software programs are currently within the DMD curriculum

  • Adobe CS.6 Web Premium Suite

    Adobe software is the industry standard in web design, and print design. Our curriculum covers instruction using:

    • Flash CS.6®
    • Dreamweaver CS.6®
    • Fireworks CS.6 ®
    • Photoshop CS.6®
    • Illustrator CS.6®
    • InDesign CS.6®
    • Bridge CS.6®
  • Apple® FinalCut Pro

    Post production industry standard video editing software is used in Video one and two classes.

  • Pro Tools®

    Industry standard sound editing software. Used in DMD 115.

  • Adobe After Effects CS.6®

    Visual effects and motion graphics software, used in DMD 205 and occasionally in DMD 279.

  • Lightwave 3D®

    Three dimensional modeling and animation software