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Finding your first multimedia design job means matching your creativity and skill with an organization's real needs.

Looking for your first job is a valuable learning experience. Before begin your job search, you need to understand your motivations, your strengths and weaknesses as an employee, and your work. It is important that you understand and have realistic expectations of the job market. Corporations, design studios, and a variety of other businesses employ multimedia designers.

The first job can be the most daunting to land, since many companies want experience. An internship, or doing work for real clients through free-lance can really help. Networking is essential to finding a new job. Don't stop learning: How good are you with CSS? programming languages? Dreamweaver?  XHTML? The job market is competitive and the more you know the better.

Before applying for a job you should have an on-line portfolio of your best work, along with a resume and cover letter specific to the job you are applying for.

What will you need to land that first job?

Job Resources

A Resume or CV: Your resume is a record of your entire professional life condensed on a single page (or two).

Contents: Your resume should include your qualifications, relevant work experience and a little about your hobbies. A resume is supposed to act as a brief synopsis of what you’re about, so try not to overload the reader with too much information. This link will aid you in how to write a successful resume: How to write a successful CV

A Cover letter: Your cover letter is your chance to tie in the work experience detailed on your resume to the actual job you’re applying for. Go into detail about why your past experiences will help you excel at the position you’re trying to land. You should always tailor your cover letter to the specific job you’re applying for.

An Online portfolio: Select only your best work—the work you are proud of and want to discuss. The language you use on your portfolio site, the pieces you choose and the presentation should all be pitched at the jobs you are trying to land. Spend the time defining your brand and target market and then create a portfolio that will appeal to them. Bearing in mind that people remember best what is first or last in a sequence. Prepare yourself to discuss your work in an interview.

Job links:

  • Aquent - works with graphic designers, interactive designers, information technologists, and other media professionals. Although it does not have an active job board, the video and audio demo offer information on how one can apply for jobs.
  • Creative Circle - Creative Circle is a staffing company. Their website list jobs that specifically fit your job search criteria, the site has a very easy to use job board. Creative Circle requires a portfolio with examples of your work and a written test before they will find work for you.
  • American Institute of Graphic Arts - Chicago - does not have a straight forward job board. Instead, you must check the community section frequently for listings of jobs. The site also lists art events going on in the Chicago area which are an excellent source for networking.
  • Krop - Site list both full-time and freelance job openings
  • Smashing Jobs - Site list both freelance and full-time jobs
  • Creative Hot List - provides job posts for advertising, computer work, education, fashion, film, exhibit, industrial design, project management, marketing, communications, print, publishing, television, broadcast, video, and web and multimedia. The job board includes 51 states plus Canada and other international countries.
  • - Site list freelance, Contract, and full and part-time positions
  • Jobpile- Site is a listing of multiple jobs free-lance and full-time from various job sites
  • Design Jobs on the Wall - jobs posted on this site are design related.
  • Design: Related - jobs for graphic/web designers, web programmers, advertisers, and IT and media professionals.
  • HOW - jobs in advertising, architecture, exhibit design, fashion/apparel, graphic design, industrial design, interaction design, interior design, service design, and web design. The site also provides business information, information on new technology in design, profiles of renowned and up-and-coming designers, and creative inspiration.
  • Authentic Jobs - Destination for web and creative professionals in the fields of web designing and developing.
  • 37signals Job Board - Job Board is an RSS feed that is updated regularly. It is not limited to one city, although locations that offer more creative jobs such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago are featured more heavily. The site also features internships for individuals that are just starting out.
  • Freshweb Jobs - Job board has listings from across the country.