Freelance Links

Freelancing is an great way to get started in multimedia development.

Freelancing gives you the opportunity to build your portfolio and make some money, often while keeping your day job. Should you decide you want to work only freelance there are a variety of ways to get started. You may choose to work for an agency like Creative Circle, agencies get the jobs and take care of the business aspect of working freelance. Most agencies require that you show a portfolio, and take a written test in whatever area of expertise you are applying for.  There are a multiple job boards in which individuals can bid on jobs. Many of these jobs are fairly low paying, and competitive. Another option is to go it alone, and start your own small web design service.

Before applying for a freelance job you should have an on-line portfolio of your best work, along with a resume to show prospective clients.

Below are links to to assist you with information on starting your own web design service or working freelance.

Freelance Resources

  • Aquent - works with graphic designers, interactive designers, information technologists, and other media professionals. Although it does not have an active job board, the video and audio demo offer information on how one can apply for jobs.
  • Creative Circle - Creative Circle is a staffing company. Their website list jobs that specifically fit your job search criteria, the site has a very easy to use job board. Creative Circle requires a portfolio with examples of your work and a written test before they will find work for you.
  • Freelance Switch - Freelance Switch features jobs in design, development, writing, illustration, multimedia, and many other art related fields. The job board looks more like a news feed than a traditional board, but it is updated frequently and has many excellent positions advertised. You must be a member to apply for jobs on the site.
  • Krop - Site list both full-time and freelance job openings
  • Smashing Jobs - Site list both freelance and full-time jobs
  • BuzzCo - A Chicago based staffing company, most jobs require experience
  • - Site list freelance, Contract, and full and part-time positions
  • Jobpile- Site is a listing of multiple jobs free-lance and full-time from various job sites

    For those of you interested in going it alone below are links for download able .PDF and Online articles you may find helpful.

  • Freelance Tips
  • Creating A Quote
  • Freelance Pricing
  • Web Design Contracts