Computer Art

Strong concepts and basic skills are the foundation of all well done digital media.

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Computer art DMD 168 is one of the first courses students enrolled in the DMD program should take. It is a prerequisite for almost all advanced DMD courses. This class introduces students to both Adobe® Photoshop® and Adobe® Illustrator®, the industry standard software applications for bitmap and vector image creation and manipulation.

Beyond becoming facile with the software the primary focus of both computer art courses is the development and expression of ideas, using the software as a medium. We offer two levels of computer art. The descriptions are listed below.

The following Computer Art courses are currently within the DMD curriculum

  • DMD 168 Computer Art

    Computer Art I – Students are introduced to the concepts of computer art using the latest industry standard software in both photo/paint programs and vector drawing programs. Students will be introduced to the creation and manipulation of bitmap images and drawn vector images. The primary concern of the class is the development and expression of conceptual ideas; the software and tools of each program are to be thought of as a means to an end.

  • DMD 268 Advanced Computer Art

    Advanced Computer Art –This studio course develops understanding of and skills in computer art at an advanced level. Students will be expected to use the medium to develop their ideas, in visually effective ways. This course builds upon the basic skills developed in DMD 168 and explores more advanced features in both bitmap and vector painting and drawing programs. Students will learn to utilize filters, layers, channels, gradient mesh, advanced type techniques, color corrections, and surface and texture creation. This course will also explore preparing images for the web and using vector and bitmap programs in tandem.