Strong design skills are the foundation of all successful digital media.

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Courses offered in the Digital Multimedia Design Program at Harold Washington College focus on developing a students design and development skills. We offer classes in computer art, video creation and editing, sound development and editing, web design and web development both in Flash® and XHTML using CSS, two dimensional animation, and three dimensional modeling and animation. Graphic Design- Art 176 is now a required course for the DMD degree. However, we highly recommend every DMD student enroll in the course. Learning the principles of graphic design and layout will give students additional skills for the workpalce. The course description is listed below.

The following graphic design course is currently offered within the DMD curriculum

  • Art 176 Graphic Design

    This course is designed to introduce you to the basic principles and processes of typography and introduce you to it relationship with graphic media. Through exercises, projects, critiques, lectures and demonstrations you will learn the foundations of visual communication and today’s software tools for graphic design.

    This course will cover sketching and visualizing ideas; thinking conceptually, logically and visually; solving
    design problems of composition and manipulation of typographic elements within specified limitations; developing skills involved in verbal and visual presentation of your work.