How To Apply

Harold Washington College is an open-admissions institution. The following applicants are welcome to apply:

Applicants who are graduating from or graduates of an accredited high school
Applicants with G.E.D. certificates
Applicants who are 18 years or older, not completed high school but are qualified for college-level work
Transfer Students
Students with college degrees
The links below can assist you with information on the registration process, financial aid and tuition cost.

Registering for DMD Courses

Most of the DMD courses have prerequisites.

All prerequisites should be listed Online in the course schedule. Most of the DMD classes have eligibility for English 101 as a general education prerequisite. Prerequisites are in place to assure a student has the necessary skills to be successful in the course. If you are just beginning your college career you may find that your first semester is spent taking classes that are not part of your major. Try not to think of these classes as a waste of your time but a necessary step to help you gain critical thinking skills and experience that will make you a more well-rounded and informed artist. DMD 168 Computer Art is one the first classes a student should take within the program. If you are planning on a degree and or certificate you will also be required to take DMD 130. These two classes are prerequisites for most of the DMD courses. It is also recommended and is a prerequisite for graphic design that students register for two dimensional design course (Art 144), to learn the basic principles of art and composition. Like any other art form well done multimedia presentations depend on a strong foundation of basic skills. If a student meets the prerequisites for a course, he or she will be allowed to register for the course.

Should a student not meet the prerequisites via comparable courses taken at other schools as shown on their transcripts, or comparable experience in the workforce (as determined by the DMD Program Coordinator) they will not be
allowed to register for the course until the prerequisites have been met.