Three Dimensional Modeling

Three dimensional modeling introduce students to the concepts and techniques three dimensional graphics.


The courses in 3D modeling offered in the DMD program should be considered an introduction into the field of 3D modeling and animation. Because three dimensional modeling and animation is a highly competetive field students interested in pursuing a career in this field are encouraged to continue their education at a four-year university or Art School with a specialization in 3D.

Job possibilities for creative individuals with advanced 3D modeling/animation skills can be found in a variety of industries. The medical industry uses 3D to create detailed models of organs. The movie and TV industry uses them to create and manipulate characters and objects for animation and movies. The video game industry uses them to create assets for video games.

The following Computer Art courses are currently within the DMD curriculum

  • DMD 121 Three D Graphics

    Three Dimensional Modeling– Students are introduced to the concepts of three dimensional modeling. This studio course is an introduction to principles and processes of three-dimensional modeling and animation composed in digital form. Projects apply tools and techniques for modeling, lighting, surface rendering, scene construction.

  • DMD 221 Advanced Three D Graphics

    AAdvanced Three Dimensional modeling and Animation –This studio course develops understanding of and skills in three dimensional modeling at an advanced level. This course builds upon the basic skills developed in DMD 121 and explores more advanced features in three dimensional modeling and with an emphasis on movement, using inverse kinematics, constraints and bones.